Friday, October 28, 2011

The Eureka Screams & The Apple Hit…!!!

How to retrieve Articulate Templates, Color Schemes, Logos and Presenters

How many times have you wondered about where you can find the Articulate template that you had created for an e-learning project you did months ago? The client wants some modifications and when you open the file, you see that you don’t have the same template inside Articulate. You have to create the template once again by editing the standard ones provided by Articulate.

Another common instance is when you work in a network: you create the template in one system and later on, if the same file is opened from a different system in the network, you will have trouble with the templates. Of course, it says that the template is ‘In Project’ but try to edit the template ‘In Project’ and you will be surprised. And the surprise will not be a pleasant one for sure.

I always wanted to know if we can save the template as a file so that we can retrieve it later. Even after being the author of the blog post titled Beg, Borrow or Google it never occurred to me that I should Google it out. I dig into my system folders to find any reference to the template files.

Obviously, I went into the Articulate folder in the program files section. “C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\templates” – that was my first eureka scream. (But thankfully, I was all dressed up unlike Archimedes. ;-)) All the templates I have created are saved here as xml files. Inside “C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter”, I also saw a folder called Color Schemes. And yes, all the Standard and Custom made Color schemes were present in that folder. Eureka again!!!

Eager to find the Engage Color schemes, I looked into “C:\Program Files\Articulate\Articulate Engage\schemes”, but found only the standard ones. Right at that moment, the apple fell on my head. “Why the hell didn’t I Google for this? I was so dumb wasting time searching the system folders.” I did Google for it and found that the engage color schemes are saved here - C:\Users\sravind\AppData\Roaming\Articulate\Engage\2.0\schemes. (sravind is my system username. So you have to change it accordingly.)

I also found out that the folder where the templates, color schemes etc are stored might actually depend on many things like the operating system you use, whether you are in a network or not, etc. Like I mentioned at the end of my Beg, Borrow or Google post, Google might give us something better. And this is what I got: . This article here, lists the folder locations of Articulate templates, color schemes, logos and presenters in your hard drive; and it took me two eureka screams and an apple hit to reach this.

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