Thursday, August 6, 2009

Who can be an E-learning Expert?

Well...until i joined my new firm i didn't know who exactly can become an expert in E-learning (or rather in E-teaching). While language competency is definitely the most required skill, that is not the whole story. With an extremely good vocabulary and descent grammar skills you will end up becoming just another technical writer or a content writer.

People have no time to read 'loads' of pages and manuals. The content should be simple, straight forward and creative. Whatever you teach through E-learning should be remembered by the learners and it is not as easy as it sounds. You may create an interesting article to read but the learner may just read it and forget it the next day. That is where the various inter active tools come into picture. Engage your learners into your content. Make them stay glued to your content. Let them love learning. To accomplish this, it is not just sufficient to have good language skills; it is important to be able to visualize raw information into a layout/format which would be understood by your audience in the best manner.
Before being able to visualize, it is essential to know the possibilities you have in E-learning. This possibilities depends to an extend on the platform you use for E-learning. Software like Articulate gives you immense options and a classy look and feel for your E-learning website. Expertise in Adobe flash can let you make animations and illustrations that is customized with your content. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator lets you manage your images the way you want them to appear. Talking of software, MS-Office package is an often underestimated option for making interesting illustrations and designs. The possibilities in MS-PowerPoint and Word are not to be under estimated. One has to thoroughly spend time and research on the various tools available to actually understand its importance.

So, start to know your platform, your tools and your possibilities. This is the first step to be an expert in E-learning.

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