Monday, January 11, 2010

SCORM unzipped!!!

Well, it took me another four months to write my second blog on E-Learning basics. And this time, I am about to unzip SCORM. It stands for Sharable Content Objects Reference Model.
1. It is used to share content.
2. It is a reference model.

Sharing content is done by a hell lot of things. Newspapers share content. So does blogs, movies, DVDs, websites and books. And do all of these use SCORM? The answer is definitely a big NO. But all these share a certain common standards. I think this concept is best explained in the website In my research on SCORM, I could not find a better URL than this one to know the A to Z of SCORM.

SCORM is a set of standards used especially in e-learning portals to share content. They make content in different software and different formats, compatible for normal users who does not have these software to open such files. SCORM makes up the backbone of e-learning. There are different versions of SCORM; SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 being the most popular ones used now.

Two most widely used softwares in e-learning industry are the Articulate series and the Adobe series and I am proud that my firm uses both of these softwares. Articulate Engage, Quiz and Presenter provides excellent interactive templates which are easy to use and manage. Adobe Captivate allows us to create highly interactive e-learning modules. It is perhaps the best option when you have to explain the navigation of a software or website. Screen simulations can be recorded and edited to suit our needs with this software.

Although I am yet to find out how to utilize the SCORM features of Captivate most effectively, I have already started making SCORM files out of it and I have uploaded some of them in my LMS. One point I am still trying to find out is the compatibility of files among the different software used to create content. Say, for example, a file made in Engage to be inserted into Captivate. The vice versa option is quite possible; but still requires a better option.

As I continue my research on SCORM, you go check out Articulate and Adobe Captivate provided you are keen to create some good stuff e-learning content.

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