Sunday, October 17, 2010

ADDIE and Me ...!!!

Almost all instructional designers (especially the ones who did a course in Instructional Designing / e-Learning) know Addie. I heard about him only recently. But when I met him, I realized that even I knew him before. It’s just that I dint know that I knew him. :-)

Well I really don’t want to talk here much about who Addie is and what he does. I guess a lot of people have already done that. Just Google ‘ADDIE’ and you will know what I mean. What interests me is the fact that I have been using his theory for a long time but I never knew that it came from him. Actually I never knew that it was a theory even. ;-)

Here is how my team uses Addie's theory at work:

A for Analysis

D for Design

D for Development

I for Implementation

E for Evaluation

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